Rockland Gardens presents the artistry, gardens and merchandising services of Perennial Gardener, Glen Roberts. Glen’s in-depth knowledge of perennials and lawn care comes from years of personal experience and hard physical work undertaken in the many perennial gardens and lawns created and nurtured.

Glen’s love of nature and artistic passion for beauty combined with consultation and planning with clients are the first steps in creating a perennial garden that will bloom all season long. A well designed and maintained perennial garden gives pride of ownership and is a focal point for all to share.

Glen’s collection of photography is from perennial gardens created and nurtured and can be viewed on Flickr. Digital Oil showcases selected photographs filtered in Adobe Photoshop and presented as works of art for digital screens of all sizes. Please view and feel free to select an image for your computer or device.

In season perennial plants can be purchased directly from Glen’s nursery. His perennial gardens can be booked by professional photographers for weddings or other special invents. Glen is presently available for full-time, seasonal or contract work and projects. Please call, email or fill in Contact Info for inquires and Submit. Thank you and I wish you a magnificent gardening season.

Glen Roberts
Phone:  613.322.9260
Email: rocklandgardens@live.ca

Contact Info


Presented by Glen Roberts

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